90% of the U.S. Has Low Immunity. Are You Low?

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The human body is an amazing machine, designed to grow and flourish despite constant attacks by cell-damaging free radicals and an onslaught of harmful bacteria and viruses. But without support, our body cannot continue to win these battles.

NBC Nightly News on November 18th featured a news report on how 9 out of 10 Americans are not ready for a winter of illness. They offered nutrient suggestions to build your body’s immune system. *Segment begins at 16:29 and ends at 17:55

Why Whole Foods are the Best Answer

Researchers and experts in human anatomy and physiology have long known about the body’s unique ability to convert phytonutrients provided to us from nature. Nature has carefully constructed all of the critical ingredients and the plant-based structures for an optimally functioning immune system. But wouldn’t it be easier to take a vitamin pill?

Human-Made Vitamins Do Not Fool Your Body

NBC’s medical correspondents listed several fresh food sources for vitamins and minerals. That’s because most store-bought vitamins and minerals are human-made, synthetic, or even toxic. Besides being safer, your body can easily use the nutrients from fresh foods. 

Complete Essentials is Better than Fresh

Using our patented preservation technology, Optivida Complete Essentials packages fruits and vegetables without any loss of nutrients, color, or flavor. It’s better than fresh. Many of the 90 plus ingredients in Optivida’s Complete Essentials, including the sulforaphane from one pound of broccoli, have been found to help support and bolster a strong immune system.

Immune-boosting ingredients in each serving of Complete Essentials:

  • 100% of the Daily Value for 22 essential plant-derived vitamins and minerals, including the immune-boosting mineral Zinc and Vitamins C and D, from 9 servings of non-genetically modified fruits and vegetables. 
  • 15 Strains of probiotics to help restore the body’s beneficial micro-organisms that make up our microbiome, often described as the first line of defense against pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
  • 23 Body balancing herbs, spices, and botanicals, including curcumin, a bioactive immune-stimulating substance found in turmeric.
  • Immune enhancing juices from elderberry, acerola cherry, and pomegranate.

Each of our plant-based ingredients, from acai to turmeric, was specifically chosen to improve overall health and vitality while optimizing your body’s immune response capabilities.

We think Mother Nature would approve.


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