Why The FDA Warned Against Colloidal Silver

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Optivida Health sells nano-silver products that are patented, safe, and proven effective in university studies. If you’re like many of our customers, you’re curious about the differences between our nano-silver and colloidal silver, which is widely sold and used.

FDA Warnings Against Colloidal Silver

In 1999, The FDA warned that colloidal silver isn’t safe or effective for treating any disease or condition. If silver has been used for thousands of years, why would the FDA warn against it?

First, there were, and still are, hundreds of colloidal silver products claiming outrageous benefits. Knowing that most of the claims were fictitious, the FDA pointed to a lack of evidence that colloidal silver had any of the benefits that were promoted and promised.

Second, the FDA warned that it was possible to take too much colloidal silver. Even if it was rare, it was possible for a person to have an unsafe build-up of silver in the body over time.

Optivida Nano-Silver is not Colloidal Silver

You will be glad to know that Optivida Nano-Silver has almost nothing in common with colloidal silver except the word “silver”. The FDA’s warnings about colloidal silver don’t apply to our patented nano-silver. Using science the molecular structure of silver is improved so that it is both safe and much more effective. Our nano-silver targets and kills only harmful pathogens in your body. It can kill multiple times before it safely exits the body. One of the chief scientists developing the nano-silver was tested after using the product daily for over 15 years. His blood tests showed no signs of silver.

In order to claim a patent on a product, the inventor must show that they have created a benefit. Our nano-silver products have more than 50 patents.  We encourage you to try our Optivida Silver Liquid Solution, lozenges, or gel. Unlike other silvers that only claim to work, ours is backed by science.  

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