Even as an active athlete in his early 40s Frank battled sickness, like hepatitis (twice), mononucleosis (twice), and pneumonia (twice). Finally Frank ended up with chronic fatigue syndrome, which disabled him and naturally took him out of any sports activities he loved so much.


As he tried to fix his own nutrition needs, Frank learned quickly of the compromised quality of the United States’ food supply. He learned that our foods are grown in nutrient deficient soils, treated with toxic herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and are transported thousands of miles over weeks before arriving at our homes. Reports Frank read validated that the food we eat today has only a fraction of the nutrition of the same foods grown 70 years ago. He sadly concluded that it was nearly impossible to get full nutrition from the United States’ food supply.

Frank turned his attention to finding health supplements to fill the nutrition gap. It was then that he learned the shocking truth of supplement marketers. He discovered dozens of packaging and labeling tricks that leave the consumers without the nutrients they thought they purchased. Even worse he found that many toxic compounds are legally packaged as ingredients in health supplements. Frank found that there were no safe supplements that would provide the missing whole-food vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and probiotics.


Frank recovered from his chronic fatigue. At the age of 72, Frank has virtually been 100% illness free for 20 years. Knowing that if someone like himself could radically improve his health and immune system through proper nutrition, he concluded that it would help anyone. Since then he has pursued a career in whole food nutrition supplementation.


Since the creation of Complete Essentials, Frank has teamed with the best bioscientists, biochemists, and formulators available to produce a series of life-changing health products. His small team continues to create the purest, most bio-available, most effective health products on the market.


The Issue: To date, nutrient manufacturers have depended on heat as their mode of dehydration. Freeze dry, drum dry and spray dry all use heat to eliminate water from the product. Since heat destroys delicate nutrient compounds and water molecules indiscriminately, manufacturers began lowering processing temperatures so they could market the resulting “raw” powders as having higher-than-average nutritional integrity. However, even the lower heat damages necessary enzymes and other phytonutrients. It alters the color and flavor. For some nutrients, like vitamin C, the losses can be as high as 80%.

Freeze drying, as with other heat-source drying technologies, kills vital nutrients while altering the color and flavor.

Optidri™ technology is tuned to specific natural light wavelengths to evaporate water without using heat.

OptiDri™ is a gentle process that preserves all of the nutrients, color and taste.

Optidri™ is the only technology capable of drying certain varieties of whole foods in their entirety

The Solution: The pioneering technology of Optidri™ does not rely not on heat. Instead, the tuned process uses specific wavelengths of natural light, to target and evaporate water molecules. The technology is so gentle it has the unprecedented ability to leave the original phytonutrients, plus the fiber from the skins, seeds and pulp, totally intact. Optidri™ is the only technology capable of drying certain varieties of whole foods in their entirety.

Why Optidri™ technology is the only raw “standard”

Manufacturers using heat-based technologies calculate the lowest temperature they can use to get the lowest level of nutrition loss. They will self-proclaim that this is the raw “standard.” In reality, any loss of nutrients, color and taste is sub-standard. Optidri™ technology is the only standard for drying and preserving raw fruits and vegetables.