Hemp Health Revolution

Hemp Health Revolution

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Every adult needs to buy this book! Dr. Sherrill Sellman’s best-selling book provides an explanation on the emerging science of cannabinoids and, in particular, Hemp Extract and its many proven healing benefits. Dr. Sellman provides the history and new discoveries which are unlocking the healing secret of this ancient medicinal plant. The A to Z Health Benefits shows categories of numerous health conditions and chronic conditions where hemp is showing amazing benefits. Each section is supported by clinical studies and links to learn more about that category. Read about the latest research and how it may apply to you or someone you know.

Optidri technology

This patented technology is the foundation of our supplements. It's the only technology capable of drying whole foods in their entirety without losing any flavor, color, or nutrients.

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Optisorb technology

This patented processes encapsulates the hemp oil to ensures that 85% of our hemp is absorbed into the body. Meaning that our hemp is 17x more effective when compared to other products.

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