Silver: Nature's Natural Healer

Silver: Nature's Natural Healer

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Silver is one of the most beautiful metals that exists. Man has worked for thousands of years to purify and perfect it. Silver is classified as a precious metal, and as such has been highly sought after. "Precious" is a good, descriptive definition of what silver really is. So many people talk about it daily, but so few actually know what it can do.

We may have barely begun to scratch the surface in the knowledge of what this beautiful and amazing metal can do to help reduce suffering and possibly save mankind. Silver has natural, God-given actions, unlike any other metal or element that exists. There are many other elements that have value, but none has been blessed with the medicine chest of medicinal effects that silver has. For example, silver has the ability to help with three of the main parts of the body's healing process. First, silver is a natural and very effective antimicrobial.

In other words, it can kill a broad spectrum of pathogens like; problem bacteria, yeasts, fungus, many parasites, and it can even kill or neutralize deadly viruses. Secondly, silver can help reduce inflammation, and as such can help reduce pain. Third, silver is a natural healing agent, helping the body to create new clean healthy tissue, with reduced scarring. Silver is indeed Nature's Natural Healer. Learn more about it in this wonderful book filled with protocols from A to Z for all the ways Silver can be used to improve your health and even the health of your pets! Many users of the form of silver called NanoSilver (a new formulation of silver) love this book.

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