How Protein Shakes Make the Lives of Working Moms Better

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Women might have the impression that protein shake is only meant for men who work out and are trying to build muscle. While it is true that protein is essential when trying to build muscle mass, it is also true that protein shakes have a lot of other benefits as well for women. So, for women who are working, here are reasons as to why you should no longer forfeit that protein shake.

Lose fat

If you have been struggling to lose weight and you have tried various diets without much success, replacing one or more of your meals in a day with a shake can help you lose more fat than if you were to go on a low calorie diet. This is because taking protein makes you stay fuller for longer, meaning that you will end up eating less than you normally would.

If you find yourself constantly hungry throughout the day, it probably means that you are not getting enough proteins. Taking additional proteins will help to curb your cravings and your appetite, making it possible for you to concentrate better at work thereby, increasing your productivity.

Your body's metabolism will also improve, as your develop more lean mass. This is because muscle mass helps to burn calories faster than fat. However, just keep in mind not to replace more than one meal in a day with a shake, unless you have consulted a doctor first.

Become healthier

Shakes, which are made using fresh fruits and vegetables or shakes which have added minerals and vitamins and are rich in nutrition. This means that your body will get the nutrition that it needs, without sacrificing taste. So, you will be in better health than you were before, which will make it easier for you to go about performing your daily tasks at work well.

According to research , most women tend to eat sugary snacks, such as chocolate and ice-cream. Most of their snack choices tend to lack proteins, as compared to what most men snack on. This makes it harder for women to meet their daily nutritional protein intake. If you are finding it hard to meet your body's daily nutritional requirement through eating, adding a shake to your regular diet can be pretty helpful.

Gain more muscle

The more women age, the more muscle mass they lose and the more brittle their bones become, increasing the risk of ostereopsis. However, women who perform resistance training and also take protein shake consistently over a period of time gain more muscle and get stronger bones, significantly reducing their risk factors to muscle loss and brittle bones.

Even women who take the shakes but don't carry out weight training experience a certain degree of muscle development and strengthened bones, even though it is to a lesser degree than those who also do weight training.

More muscle and stronger bones means more body strength and better stamina, to enable you work longer and harder. This makes it easier for you to carry out physical tasks at work and also at home.

Boost your immunity

If you workout regularly, it means that your body tissues need to recover and get repaired after your workout sessions. Protein is a body building food, as it aids in the repair of body tissue. If you work out regularly, whether you lift weights or not, adding shakes to your diet will help your body to recover faster after you have performed intense exercises. Better immunity means you missing work less often.


The shakes contain many of the same nutrients that you can derive from whole protein foods, making them a good option for those times when you need to add more proteins to your diet.

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