The Impact to You of Bioavailability

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The hard truth of vitamins, supplements and medicine is that only a portion of what you swallow actually ends up in your bloodstream where it can change your health. The term bioavailability refers to the amount of a supplement or medicine is absorbed by your body. Many people think that everything you eat or drink is used by the body. In reality the body only accepts a small portion of many supplements and medicines. Have you ever taken a vitamin pill and noticed later that your urine was a brighter color? That was the effect of your body rejecting synthetic chemicals in the vitamin pill.

Hemp extract and many other supplements have a very low bioavailability or absorption rate.

Optivida Hemp Extracts and curcumin product use science to solve the problem of bioavailability. Optivida uses a patented technology called Optisorb™ which helps you in these ways:
  • Instead of the typical 4-6% absorption rate, your body gets more than 80% of what you swallow!
  • There’s no hit or miss. You’ll receive a healthy amount in each dropper.
  • The absorption happens quickly; usually in under an hour. 


OPTISORB™ TECHNOLOGY uses a coating on the hemp and curcumin that imitates mother's milk. Nature's fat molecules uniquely pass through the stomach intact and are easily absorbed through the liver. Clinical trials show that our Optisorb™ technology allows hemp to be absorbed in very high levels in the blood. Without this absorption, the hemp and curcumin benefits are minimal.

This is why bioavailability is so critical. It's a reason that products with poor absorption never mention bioavailability. Your body can't be changed by a product unless it first receives it.

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