Choosing The Best Hemp Products

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As Hemp Extract products become more widely known and appreciated, many more formulations are entering the marketplace. While there are now a variety of choices, the question is always, “Which ones are really the best?” In sorting through the many options, it is important to look for these three factors:

  • bioavailability
  • the source of the hemp plant
  • the extraction method

What Is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability is the proportion of the active ingredients that is absorbed and utilized by the body. No matter how beneficial a medicinal substance may be, if it is not bioavailable, it is useless. The higher the bioavailability, the more effective the product will be. Bioavailability of hemp extract products varies greatly depending on the type of delivery system, e.g. capsule, spray, vaporized, etc.

Sourcing the Hemp Plant

Until recently, the hemp plant was sourced from Europe because it was illegal to grow hemp in the United States. But due to new federal regulations, farmers in many states are now growing agricultural hemp. There are agricultural hemp farms that are dedicated to growing organic hemp.

Be sure to seek out an organically grown hemp extract formula.

What Is the Best Extraction Method?

The CO2 extraction method is by far the best method. It uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to isolate, preserve and maintain the purity of the medicinal oil. This process requires expensive equipment, but the end product is safe, potent and free of chlorophyll.

Other extraction methods either use toxic solvents or the process creates an end product that has a very unpleasant taste and is inefficiently absorbed.

When choosing a hemp extract product, always check to be sure the CO2 extraction method was used.

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How does Optivida Hemp Extract compare?

1. Optivida Health's Hemp Extract is a world leader in bioavailability. 

Optivida hemp extract uses a patented liposomal delivery system called Optisorb™. The technology uses liposomes, which are tiny hollow spheres that have the ability to carry both water-soluble and fat- soluble compounds very efficiently through the body and into cell membranes. You can also think of them as very small, nano-sized packets that are the delivery system allowing for rapid absorption of nutrients into the cell.

A liposome is nature’s own delivery system. In fact, the science of liposomes copied what nature had already created!

It all started with mother’s milk! It was discovered that mother’s milk contains liposomes. It is the way nature is able to ensure that the life- sustaining nutrients in mother’s milk are easily absorbed by the infant.

Using Optisorb™ technology your body receives over 80% of the healing power of hemp rather than the 4-6% of competitive brands. 

2. Optivida Health's Hemp Extract is certified organic and U.S.-grown. 

Optivida hemp is grown on certified organic hemp farms in Colorado. The farm grows natural hemp that was found growing wild in that area. After harvesting, the hemp is extracted only miles away then bottled in a neighboring area. 

3. Optivida Health uses CO2 extraction method for its hemp extract. 

Optivida Health only uses a CO2 process to harvest the hemp extract. This process is more expensive but also more gentle and protects the extract from heat and chemical damage. 

Thank you for taking your time to become educated on the science and technologies behind the best health supplements.

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My best wishes for your best health. 

Frank Davis,
Founder and CEO of Optivida Health

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